Kandi Burruss reveals that she had to consult with a surrogate mother before Shadina Blunt took Blaze Tucker


Now that he has welcomed his third son, Blaze Tucker, he can't stop singing the praises of using a substitute. In a new interview with TMZ, the composer revealed more about how the process went.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star doubted whether to let another woman carry her son, although he couldn't. After talking with his colleague Bravolebrity, Dr. Jackie, he was introduced to Shadina Blunt, who had already been a substitute for another couple.

TMZ met the reality star where he revealed that he had to seek advice with Todd Tucker and Shadina before continuing with the process.

Burruss explained that some people have no relationship with their substitute, but decided to take a different route.

Nor could he stop talking about how good Shadina was.

‘Over time we have become really great. His name is Shadina. She is a very good person. She has a medical history, so she is very intelligent. She had a lot of information. This was his second time charging for a family. so she really helped us through the process. "

He then connected Blunt's subrogation consulting business.

Kandi has been transparent about the process in the last season of RHOA. She is also being honest about the trial she received from other people, including family members.

The mother of three children revealed that there was a relative who hurt her feelings in a recent YouTube video.

‘There was a time when I definitely felt guilty. My eyes filled with tears because there was a member of my family, they simply sent me a text message when they discovered that I was thinking of a substitute and they said, ‘I mean … why do you want to have a substitute? Don't you want to take the baby alone? I was in a text message. I responded and said, "Well, I would if I could, but obviously I had trouble giving birth in my last pregnancy," and they said, "You don't want to be able to join your baby?" 39 ;. other things like, "Why wouldn't you ask one of your family members to help you?" It was a lot and I was like, well, family member (laughs). She really hurt my feelings. "


What do you think about people who use substitutes to conceive?

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