Kandi Burruss flaunts long braids and her fans are here for this new look


Kandi Burruss has a new hairstyle, and he flaunted his social media account in new videos. She has long braids and looks fantastic.

Todd Tucker is right behind her and supports his wife.

‘Find me on @tagsboutique today! We are celebrating ten years of business! Wow! Kandi subtitled his post in IG.

Someone wrote: "Happy Anniversary Kandi,quot; My best wishes for continued success "and another follower said:" I love your braids! Dope! & # 39;

A follower posted this: Si If I were in Atlanta, I wouldn't miss it! But, PA is far from GA. "

Kandi shared another video that she titled with the following words: ‘# CatchFlightsNotFeelings … @tagsboutique. My biggest supporter @ todd167 is behind me! And thanks @justtresses for my braids. I love them! & # 39;

Another of Kandi's followers said: ‘I met todd167 in Frost one night, great friend, you are blessed and magnificent together! 👑💪🏽🙏 #relationshipgoals ".

Someone else said this: ‘Nice braids and congratulations again on tagsboutique that Kandi loves you. I also support you @kandi. "

A fan spilled over Kandi and said: ‘You are one of the coolest celebrities there is! At any time you can take some time of your day to wish him a "Happy Birthday,quot;, you're great in my book! It was a text message and that was even cooler!

Kandi was recently the center of attention when it was revealed not long ago that Todd Tucker was surprised to learn that communication with his daughter, Kaela Tucker, needs improvement.

Kandi said: ‘Todd is amazing with (his son) Ace. And I feel that Todd can be tough on Kaela, but because that's his biological daughter. I just back off. And I don't know if it's because it's a girl, but it stresses me because we have a girl on the way, and I know that you have to treat them differently. You have to handle them differently. "


Kandi and Todd have just received another member of their family, the girl Blaze Tucker through a substitute.

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