Chris Brown and Ammika Harris: That's why they decided to finally reveal their son after keeping him out of the public for 21 days!


Fans waited impatiently to meet Chris Brown and Ammika Harris's baby for almost a month and it took them no less than 21 days to finally present the bundle of joy to the world! Now, a new internal report claims to know the reason why the new parents waited so long, but the most important thing was what changed their mind about keeping it hidden from the public.

The singer and the model confirmed the birth of little Aeko on December 11, even though he was born at the end of November.

A source tells the world that Chris, like the rest of us, couldn't wait to show his new son, but he respected Ammika's wishes to keep him away from the reflectors for a while longer.

Privileged information shared through HollywoodLife that podía Chris could not wait to reveal his son’s birth to everyone, but he wanted to wait until Ammika was also fully on board before making the decision to make the big announcement. Chris joked with fans with signs of his son's birth because he couldn't help sharing his joy with everyone, but he fully respects Ammika and would never confirm that Aeko was born, without his total blessing. "

‘She was still recovering from giving birth and adapting to motherhood, and he wanted to give her all the time she needed before they told people they had a baby together. Ammika had been receiving so much support from fans, but there were some people pushing her to reveal whether she had given birth or not too. Ammika is not a pressured person and has always defended herself. "

The same source continued to mention that, although it was supposed to be a time of celebration in his life, it began to be frustrating.

And since he is supposedly very positive and strong as a person, he didn't want anyone's negativity to drag his happiness down.


Apparently, this means that his decision to finally reveal his son with Brown "was a way to turn off the noise and he really couldn't be happier."

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