Carrie Underwood, aware of the scar, will have more plastic surgery, report


Carrie Underwood is still aware of a scar on her face and will undergo more plastic surgery to correct it, according to a new report from Star magazine. Carrie was injured in November 2017, when she slipped and fell, broke her wrist and he made a wound in his nose to the lip that required between 40 and 50 points to close. When Carrie shared news about the injury, it was clear that she felt that her facial appearance would be different. Most fans responded online that they couldn't see the scar and thought it looked beautiful.

Although fans couldn't see anything in Carrie's photos, videos or public appearances, that doesn't mean the scar wasn't obvious to her. Carrie made it clear through the things she said in the past that she sees the scar and that it has been a painful event for her, not only physically, but also emotionally.

Now, a source spoke with Star magazine and said Carrie still struggles with physical imperfection and will undergo more plastic surgery to repair it.

Star's source stated the following.

“He has a wound from the nose to the lip, and no amount of makeup or filler will hide it. So he faces another trip to the plastic surgeon. (Carrie) is extremely aware of her appearance and demands the approval of photos and touch-ups in her promotional material, and Vaseline on the lens for TV presentations. "

Carrie even showed her scar on Instagram in a flashback photo. You can see the image of his scar below.

Source: Carrie Underwood / Instagram

No matter what the public thinks about Carrie's face, her beauty or her scar, what matters is the way Carrie sees herself. Although her nine-year-old husband knows how beautiful Carrie is, the way Carrie sees herself is the most important thing.

If Carrie feels that the scar must be repaired and if she cannot live with the scar, she must do what she must do to feel as safe as possible each time she goes on stage and blesses the world with her gift of the song. .


What you think? Does she support Carrie Underwood if she wants to accept herself, scars and everything or does she support her if she decides to have more plastic surgery to fix it?

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