Britney Spears wants to marry Sam Asghari, report


Britney Spears has been through many things in her life, that is common knowledge. And although it has already happened, there is someone special in your life who wants to spend things with her. He has been your support, your best friend, personal trainer and boyfriend. Now, new reports say Britney Spears would like Sam Asghari to add "husband,quot; to the list. Star magazine says Britney is completely in love with Sam and would like nothing more than to marry him.

Star quoted a source who talked about Britney's feelings about her boyfriend Sam.

"Britney said Sam pampers her and protects her like no other boy she has ever dated. She would marry him in an instant, but he doesn't want to push her."

Britney Spears turned 38 on December 2 and her boyfriend Sam Asghari was by her side to help her celebrate in style.

Britney and Sam celebrated in Miami, Florida, and she shared videos of her amazing trip. The Star source also shared a little about Britney's birthday celebration.

“Britney wanted this weekend to be all about her and Sam. She and Sam basically ate snacks all day and had the pleasure of eating margaritas. It was a real pleasure for Britney and proof that she and Sam are the real deal. "

You can watch a video of Britney's birthday weekend in Miami that she shared on Instagram with her 23.2 million followers below.

Sam Asghari and Britney have a very strong and close relationship and it seems that when they work together, especially when Sam and Britney come together for extreme yoga routines, Britney not only looks and feels better, but the audience responds very well.

In fact, fans have been so impressed with their yoga routines, fans have asked (and some have demanded) that Britney and Sam post exercise videos.


Britney will always have faithful support and devotion from her fans who want to see her well and live her best life. She has given a lot of herself to her fans and, in turn, they want to see her happy and prosperous. Many feel that she does that with Sam Asghari. What do you think about the Star report? Should Sam and Britney walk down the hall?

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