Angelina Pivarnick has not yet spoken to her co-stars after the hurtful speech of the bridesmaids at her wedding


After her hurtful speech of bridesmaids at her wedding, it seems that Angelina Pivarnick has no plans to forgive her Jersey Shore co-stars! As you may have heard, the reality show celebrity was so upset to hear what the ladies supposedly had to tell her that they cried during their special day!

In fact, he felt so bad about the whole thing that he is seriously considering planning a remake wedding!

JWoww, Snooki and Deena Cortese, whom Angelina has known for years, were just trying to make her speech fun, but the girlfriend didn't like it.

Now, a source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Angelina has not talked to Deena, Nicole or Jenni since their wedding day and has no desire for anything. Angelina felt that it was more than unnecessary and she has no plans to forgive them. "

At this time, it seems that she is struggling to understand even that they did this and dealing with the disastrous wedding.

The source said Angelina ‘feels they ruined her wedding. He feels that Deena, Nicole and Jenni took something from him and that he will never forget it. Angelina is still very hurt by all the girls. She didn't expect this on her wedding day. "

From the point of view of things, it seems that the other ladies of reality shows will have to do a lot to be forgiven.


At the same time, Snooki left the program and previous internal reports claimed that one of the main reasons he resigned was because he felt so bad about Angelina's speech at the wedding.

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