Wendy Williams has apparently angered Kevin Hunter by doing this


Wendy Williams is marching with her divorce from her unfaithful husband, Kevin Hunter, but is not so optimistic.

A source spoke recently Hollywood life and said it’s a difficult time for the talk show host because she’s so stressed.

The source said there is a lot of tension while working with his lawyers to resolve the details.

The person said: "Wendy's legal team was working on her divorce and doing everything possible to try to end things last week, but finally she didn't." His divorce has stressed Wendy and is undoubtedly affecting his mood. She has been very, very stressed on the days she is dealing with it. "

The family friend added: "You can tell the difference between when it comes to that day by day and not how it can go from great spirits and love life to fight in the blink of an eye." She is very excited to have all this behind her and start the next chapter of her life. "

Meanwhile, it is claimed that Hunter is angry because his future ex-wife is continually talking about his failed marriage.

A source close to Hunter revealed: "Kevin is furious, he states that Wendy promised him that his divorce would not become a hot topic on his show. However, no one has sympathy for him, what did he expect, she is a public person and a very open person. And this is probably just the beginning, he has finally woken up with the truth and is crazy as hell. Kevin is anxious for what Wendy will say next about him on his show, to the point of wanting to try to block it so he doesn't talk about him. However, she didn't use his name, so what can he do? He made this bed and now he has to lie on it.

The person stated: “There are many women who do not respect marriage. You know what I'm saying? Many women who know your man are married and will have the nerve to be right under him and just under your nose. ”


Some wonder if the process will continue for a while or if Williams will yield to Hunter's demands.

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