Robyn Dixon's RHOP co-stars are scared of their commitment to former husband Juan


Robyn Dixon's ex-husband proposed to her again while filming the end of the RHOP season and it is safe to say that she was not the only one surprised! The co-stars of the woman were completely scared while watching the romantic proposal that took place in front of them!

It's okay! During the end of Real Housewives of Potomac, Juan asked Robyn to be his wife, again, causing a great commotion on the set.

Indeed, she said yes, which means that Robyn is now preparing to marry the same man a second time.

The two married from 2005 to 2012 and have been on fire again and again since then.

But while filming the end of the season, Juan suddenly knelt and asked the big question in front of the co-stars of Robyn, who were super excited to witness the unexpected moment.

Someone filmed the moment on his phone and the video came to social networks in no time!

The images show the reality show star smiling happily while trying to control his emotions during the proposal.

That said, some of Robyn's cast members can also be seen in the background, panting and shouting while cheering on the reunited couple.

Then, her answer arrives and it is clear that Robyn agreed to remarry her ex-husband, causing the people around her to be even more frightened and to encourage her stronger!

Robyn has not yet published anything about the proposal on his social media platform, but he usually likes to share a lot about it as online, so he is expected to arrive at the iconic moment soon.


Fans know that Robyn and Juan share two children together, named Corey and Carter, so it is safe to assume that they are also very excited for their parents' reunion.

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