Richard Grieco cries while he has booked public intoxication charges in Dallas


The actor and director, Richard Grieco, was crying when police searched him for public intoxication charges last week at the Dallas airport. The images obtained by the media, TMZ, showed that the actor seemed confused and upset while struggling to answer the authorities' questions.

Subsequently, the police arrested the 21 Jump Street actor and took him to the station. The star admitted having consumed two drinks of vodka and cranberry while waiting for his flight. Due to his supposed behavior, Richard was handcuffed by the police and taken from the airport terminal.

When the police took him out of the building, Richard was heard crying and saying the words repeatedly, "but I didn't do anything wrong." Another police camera showed the actor at the station accusing officers of just pointing him out because he was "famous." . "

After a breathalyzer test, the star's BAC level was .17, about twice the legal limit. As noted above, Richard is perhaps best known for his role in the movie starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street.

However, Grieco has worked on other projects before. In a Dread Central report about two years ago, the actor gave an interview about the film he co-directed, Clinton Road, that he and the other cast members and team involved in New York.

The film starred Bo Dietl, Erin O'Brien, Ace Young, Vincent Pastore, as well as the rapper turned actor, Ice-T. The film revolved around the notorious. Clinton Road, which was a 10-mile road known for its supposed paranormal and supernatural events.

In addition, it is also rumored that it is a cemetery for the mafia and its victims. The film introduces a group of brave teenagers while fighting a sadistic and satanic cult. During the conversation with Dread Central, Grieco explained that making the film was an "arduous task."


Richard told the store that many strange and inexplicable things happened, including phones that turn off, generators that turn off, among other strange phenomena. The co-director commented that he was super excited that people saw the project, which he described as very "real."

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