RHOP: Robyn and Juan Dixon are engaged amid the rumors that she is pregnant!


Robyn and Juan Dixon divorced after he was unfaithful. They legally separated but remained together in the same space where they fell in love.

According to a blog by Real Housewives of Potomac, Juan proposed to his beloved in the final recording of the program. This occurs after it is rumored that Bravolebrity is pregnant with her third child.

She revealed that her not-so-ex-husband would love to have a girl, but she wasn't sure she wanted to have another child.

Dixon also explained that his two young children never knew they had divorced the way they currently live.

During his appearance in June on Watch What Happens Live, a spectator called to ask if they would ever remarry, to which she replied that they had talked about it.

In past seasons of RHOP, viewers did not support Robyn and Juan to meet because he was cold. However, it only took a while to warm up to the camera.

Bravo personality opened up about the Daily Dish.

‘I hated season 2 and how people perceived it because I feel that when the cameras were close, he wasn't in the mood to film. And it appeared and that was the perception that people had of him. So I really love that he has looked back since season 2 and said: ‘Oh yes, that's fine, I see, I understand. Like, let me act like me … instead of bothering me with the cameras … It took a while to understand that and feel comfortable with that. "

In July, she hesitated to say that he is her "boyfriend."

"We definitely haven't said," You're my boyfriend "… that's weird!" Robyn shared. "I think we are moving in that direction in which we are ready to say, you know what, just try to focus on each other and, you know, move forward. Then, we'll see."


It's great to see that these two met again.

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