Rebel Wilson says her musical number in cats was so physically demanding that she ended up losing eight pounds in four days!


Rebel Wilson is part of the list A cast in the film's next musical. Cats, and she says filming her number was so physically demanding that she lost eight pounds in four days of filming.

Wilson said Tonight entertainment that his weight loss was the result of physicality and high temperatures.

"I lost eight pounds, firing my number, in four days," said Wilson. "One, because there is a lot of physicality … but also, they heated the set very high, to almost 100 Fahrenheit, so that we could never cool down."

The 39-year-old singer, who plays Jennyanydots in the film based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, explained that the number featured the "best dancers in the world." And they kept the set warm because professional dancers needed to avoid injury and couldn't let their muscles cool. Wilson says they kept the set "like a sauna," and that made it extremely uncomfortable.

Wilson and her co-stars had to go to "cat school,quot; to learn how to move like cats, and she and New York City Ballet principal dancer Robbie Fairchild, who plays Munkustrap, also watched many cat videos on YouTube. .

Fairchild said that Cats It is the first film to use technology in which the actor's full CGI body is shown on the screen while using the face of the movie footage. Fairchild called it "revolutionary,quot; because viewers will see real emotions and reactions from the actors instead of seeing a full CGI.

Wilson agreed that "it's great," and has also enjoyed watching kids inventing their own dances with songs on Instagram because even the style of the choreography in the film is avant-garde.

In addition to his role in Cats, Wilson has been busy this year with roles in two other films: Isn't it romantic? and Hustle – and she also produced and starred Jojo Rabbit.

She also launched her new Rebel Wilson X Angels line of clothing for women size 14 to 24. He explained that in his 20 years he skipped a friend's wedding because he did not know where to buy a dress of his size. But, now that he's in Hollywood, he has learned some things that big-sized girls need to know, and he wants to convey that knowledge.


Cats Arrives in theaters across the country on December 20.

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