Phaedra Parks shows its look for TPG awards – See photos


Phaedra Parks was invited to the TPG Awards, and shared some photos of the event and the party. Fans believe she looks fabulous, and you can see her look below.

& # 39; When @thepointsguy has its annual show #tpgawards, it's really a # party 🎉 I love you @briankelly for bringing me and some of my favorite friends to celebrate the trip and you-my love 😘❣️stylist: @fiskanistyle @ theivyshowroom MUA: The Queen of the Shadow, also known as ME #travel, & # 39; Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone wrote: ‘Ok miss, I love that dress. You look absolutely beautiful. Do you donate to charity if so, my middle name is charity? Hahaha, pay if it's forward. LOL ".

Another follower also praised Phaedra: "I have never loved someone's face as I love yours." 😍❤️ I can only pray for that 🙏 ’

A fan also sprouted on Phaedra and said: ‘My best queen. Mother of 2 handsome boys. The best mother of all. You are blessed. & # 39;

Someone asked Phaedra this: ‘Phaedra, can you make a YouTube channel or something? You can monetize and go live and chat with us. We miss you girl! ☹️❤️ and Phaedra replied: "I have a YouTube channel, I just need to upload more checks in my biography,quot;

The follower returned to the comments and exclaimed: pha @phaedraparks says less! Headed there now! Yes, make more loads and also publish a publication so that people know that it has a channel so that everyone who loves it can support it. I'm here for all that! "

Not long ago, Phaedra showed his black Christmas tree in a new photo on his social media account. Surprisingly, it looks very elegant and elegant, and many fans agree.


People are also excited about their two children, who also appear in the photo.

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