Nick Cannon's deep love for Mariah Carey will push him to keep fighting with Eminem


Nick Cannon did not take it easy with Eminem's description of his former partner Mariah Carey of the new collaborative song of rapper "Lord Above,quot; with Fat Joe, where it is said that Carey is a "madman."

After the offense against his ex-wife, the 39-year-old actor and comedian was inspired to release a new song called "The Invitation,quot;, which he used as an opportunity to retaliate against Eminem singing about his private affairs.

Through his lyrics, Cannon states that the famous Detroit rapper consumes crack and other types of drugs, as well as hints that Eminem is about to fall back on his drug abuse.

In addition, Carey's ex-husband also calls the 47-year-old man for the turbulent relationship he has with his daughter's mother, Hailie, Kim, and mocks the fact that Eminem is raising a son who is not his.

Cannon did not stop there, as he also stated that he is responsible for bringing together Fat Joe and Eminem for the creation of "Lord Above,quot; by rapping "I called Joe to bother you, and you fell in love with the ob,quot; and "Slim did not know will show for the video, because I was terrified of my squad / I heard that your driver got a video of you sucking a c- ".

However, it seems that Eminem had enough because he responded to criticism by posting a couple of messages on Twitter about Cannon, claiming he lied about it and never had a driver.

In addition, Mathers shared another prank post on social media, saying he demanded an apology from Cannon and that even his gardener became jealous.

In a recent interview, the father of three children revealed why he will never surpass Carey and why he will fight for her.

He said: "Honestly, I said that I would probably never remarry because I am still working on myself and trying to be a better man. That's what I said," Nick explained. "But if I had to do it, I know what that is like; I would go home first before having to do it again."

He added: “You know Mariah; She is fine and happy. We have an incredible relationship of co-paternity (and) our children are very happy. They are calm waters, let's keep it up. Keep calm."

He concluded by saying: "I think I can never be with one woman again. I did it in marriage and I was very faithful in my marriage. The reason we separated had nothing to do with infidelity, nothing like that."


Cannon is expected to win the exchanges.

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