Kodak Black details the unfair treatment behind bars after claiming he was drugged


Kodak Black was recently sentenced to 46 months in prison, but may have another major legal problem ahead after reports claim he left a guard in the hospital during a fight. The rapper has shared an update with his fans detailing the day he says he was drugged and what has happened since then.

It was alleged that Kodak hospitalized a prison guard by gripping his testicles with such force that his abdomen and intestinal wall were broken. The officer even required surgery.

During the fight, the artist was sprayed with pepper and seemed to be taking drugs without a name. It took another four guards to get him out of what he had.

This is not what Bill Kapri tells his fans in his latest Instagram subtitle.

‘On October 29 I was tied with an unknown substance here in Miami, FDC. That substance gave me an extracorporeal experience and made me feel like I was possessed and dying slowly. With this experience I managed to go to the CO office to seek medical attention (as shown in the surveillance cameras). I was denied! This left me in a state of paranoia. Shortly after I got into an altercation with an innate. This same CO that denied me medical attention, proceeded to spray me with pepper, which instantly damaged my vision and I didn't realize who was hitting me and repeatedly grabbing my face. "

He went on to say that he was beaten within an inch of his life and had to be taken to solitary confinement where he was treated unfairly and given psychotherapy.

The 22-year-old ended the message with: ‘Having to mourn the loss of my brother Juice World behind the doors. Prior to this, there were some inmates who intentionally beat … An officer and no charges were filed. Meanwhile, I fight with another inmate and this officer intervenes to hurt himself and capitalize on my status as a local celebrity … I had the officers tell me that the CO was fine that night and that I was trying to follow this route. . Because he checked himself in the hospital. I also heard that the officers told me that the CO had returned to the FDC and boasted that he would give him a quarter of a million. I want to shed this light on police brutality and the tactics they use to cover their backs. "


What do you think of Kodak's revelations?

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