Kenya Moore looks beautiful in white and fans say it's no wonder that RHOA ladies are jealous: see her last photo


Kenya Moore shared a photo on her social media account in which you saw white and looks like a queen. Fans praise her in the comments like there's no tomorrow. Check out his new photo below.

Someone told Kenya: "You are very beautiful and intelligent, it is not surprising that the ladies are jealous," and another follower published this: "Happy Friday back to your Queen." @thekenyamoore I love your makeup😍😍. ’

A fan wrote: "Kenyan hair looks better than these lace fronts," and someone else said: "You are a beautiful woman, Mrs. @Thekenyamoore, in fact, black is beautiful."

An Instagram installer told Kenya: "You are a barbie brought to life!" I love you, Kenya, "and someone else said:" She is always one of my beautiful favorite black women, "she is a doll."

Another follower said: ‘@thekenyamoore you are so beautiful. i love you Teamtwirl for life. I live for your readings and your shadow. "

A fan is grateful for the fact that Kenya is back in RHOA and said: ‘Thank God for your support in RHOA. I couldn't see that dry season last year. And Eva drives me crazy. "

These days, Kenya was excited about all the women of color who were able to win the most important and famous beauty pageants in the world.

Now, she also shared some photos of the times when she used to be a beauty queen.


Kenya fans asked for a book of his glory years.

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