Justin Timberlake takes Jessica Biel to the scene after rumors of infidelity


Justin Timberlake fans know that not everything has been going well lately, after rumors that he had been playing with his co-star in Palm treeAlisha Wainright The couple was seen hanging out in New Orleans while filming the aforementioned movie.

Page Six states that Justin has been busy trying to make amends with his partner after his photographs holding Alisha's hand in Louisiana. A source who spoke with Us Magazine states that Justin invited Jessica to the set to confirm that there was no infidelity or other monkey business.

The source told Justin that Justin had invited Jessica to visit him in New Orleans so she could see that everything was professional. In addition, the source added that the couple planned to enjoy a night together.

Fans have turned to social networks to offer their own theories about Justin Timberlake's behavior, which some have said is probably a consequence of loneliness. In fact, Justin was recently seen sullenly in the Big Easy.

After the images of Justin holding Wainright's hand and in the media appeared online, Justin released a statement on his Instagram stating that he had been the victim of a "strong judgment ruling." Then he apologized to Jessica and her son.

In addition, Timberlake explained that the behavior he exhibited on photography night was not a good example for his son. When the news of the photograph first came to the press, several publications began searching the Internet and in previous media reports to discover as much information as possible about Alisha.

One of those articles came from the publication of entertainment news, Cosmopolitan, which discovered an interview in which Alisha explained some of her experiences. Wainright stated that he really wanted to pursue a career in botany, however, he could not find the necessary funds to continue his work.

The actress explained that in the academy, all departments are trying to get the same money for their research, and realized that their field of study was too specific, and that they would have to expand their research to obtain the necessary funds.


Regardless of Alisha's background, some social media fans have suggested that the alleged hoax was simply a publicity stunt for Timberlake's new movie.

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