Jason Priestley says he was less affected by the cancellation of BH90210 than his co-stars – Here's why!


It turns out that Jason Priestley is not as affected as everyone else in the cast for the cancellation of BH90210. Apparently, the reboot that ended after just one season didn't baffle him too much.

As mentioned earlier, the same cannot be said for most of his co-stars, who really thought the program had returned and had come to stay for at least some seasons.

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Jason shared his opinion on the whole thing, saying "it's the show business, right? It's not the first program I've been to that has been canceled, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Then, I alone, you know … It's a show. That's how it works. "

The cast members were not the only ones disappointed by FOX's decision to cancel the program!

Obviously, fans are too, so they still have to lose hope that another network or streaming service will pick it up and continue the story for at least one more season.

Anyway, Jason continued to say indifferently that "we are all cautious veterans." We've all been doing this for a long time. And, I think everyone understood the decisions that were being made and why they were being made. I mean, it was easy for me. I was already working on my other program, right? It was what it was for me. And, as for everyone else, you have to check with them. "

Speaking of registering, the actor revealed that the cast that starred in the original program almost three decades ago, still keeps in touch, although mainly through text messages.


Still, Jason emphasized that they actually send many text messages and that they are still very close.

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