Colin Firth and his wife of 22 years divorce


Colin Firth and his wife, Livia Giuggoli, separated from a new E! Online. After twenty-two years of marriage and two children, the Italian actor and film producer decided to suspend his romance for approximately two decades.

His representative, in a statement to the aforementioned store, succinctly stated that Colin and Livia Firth had separated. He added that Colin and Livia promised to raise their children and maintain a friendly friendship.

The disclosure of their separation comes about two years after Livia admitted to sleeping with her alleged stalker. In March 2018, Livia, through her representative, shared that she had had an affair with Marco Brancaccia.

A representative who spoke with E! News explained that Colin and Livia had separated in private for a short period of time, during which he began dating Mr. Brancaccia. After his reconciliation, the man, according to reports, would not stop making contact.

After several months of what the statement described as a "scary harassment campaign," Livia and Colin had no choice but to go to the Italian police. Firth and Livia, at that time, did not feel that it was necessary to explain their separation, however, they decided to address it when details were published about the case of the stalker in the press.

Brancaccia denied the allegations of stalking in a letter. The Italian journalist wrote that he had sent an email to Livia after their affair, and she responded by filing a complaint against him because she was allegedly afraid that additional information would be leaked to the press.

According to Marco, Livia had sent him hundreds of messages, including videos, photos and a newspaper. Finally, the matter between the love triangle was resolved outside the courts. In a statement to USA Today, the parties agreed that they could reach a private agreement.


Fans of the couple know that Colin and Livia have two children together, Matteo and Luca, who are 16 and 18 years old respectively. Colin also has a 29-year-old son with Meg Tilly.

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