Chris Brown shares photos of his son, Aeko and is also angry at his daughter, with a sweet video


Chris Brown's fans were ecstatic when it was revealed that Ammika Harris really carried her son. He managed to hide his belly for a long time, and now that the truth is out and everyone knows that Ammika gave birth to Chris's son, the proud parents can't stop posting to their social media accounts.

For example, Chris shared a couple of new photos of the baby a few hours ago, and he is simply adorable.

Fans couldn't be happier for Chris, and they are also grateful for the fact that he shared such a big event with them through social networks.

Someone commented: www Awww so beautiful. I knew I was going to have some full lips. Welcome to the Aeko world. We love you. Very happy for you Chris. You have your baby RoRo and a baby, Aeko. You are truly blessed. "

Another follower said: aya Wow … I already have 4, instant childhood fever. Let me get out of here before trying to make some crazy decisions, "and someone else posted this:" That baby doesn't know how good her life is to be cursed. "

A follower wrote: ‘Aww !! @chrisbrownofficial breeze 😩❤️ GOD bless our children always congratulations ", while another fan shared his gratitude:" Wow, wow to share with us definitely did not have to do it! May God bless your family. 💙 ’

An Instagram installer posted this: Ese That birth support, so rare and beautiful! Congratulations!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 ’

Chris also made sure to show his daughter Royalty Brown love, and shared a video:


People are amazed every time they see Chris' beautiful girl, and they made sure to praise her and her talent in the comments.

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