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This video by Kenya Moore saying that people confuse her with Beyonce and Porsha Williams at odds has fans laughing out loud


Kenya Moore tells the ladies of RHOA in a previous video that people sometimes confuse her with Beyonce. Porsha Williams can be seen rolling her eyes, and tells Kandi Burruss that it is definitely Solange Knowles.

The ladies are laughing at the table, something we don't see much anymore these days. Look the following video.

Someone said: ‘Listen to NeNe laugh! 😂😂 What fun Chile was! 😂 ’and another follower posted this:‘ Porsha's face when Kandi said "if you are Solange, that makes all your sisters,quot; 😂 ’

A fan wrote that "These were the good morning, hahaha, Phaedra's shadow was so bleak," while another person posted this: "Phaedra never finished putting the dip on his chip."

Another commentator wrote: "Lol, these are undoubtedly the darkest women on reality television right now."

Someone had something to say about Kenya and published: ‘Kenya will find all kinds of ways to make itself known. Lord have mercy! & # 39;

Anyway, these days, you won't see all the ladies of RHOA sitting at the same table and laughing so much, that's for sure.

Speaking of Kenya, he just celebrated the fact that his baby, Brooklyn Daly, is already walking.


She shared the cutest video on her social media account where you can see the pretty girl walking in a room with the Kenyan dog. She is wonderful!

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