Stevie J, His Baby Mama, Joseline Hernandez and his fiance, DJ Ballistic, Melt Fans & # 39; Hearts in a new video where they cheer on Bonnie Bella in her beautiful Christmas play


Joseline Hernández knows how to keep her fans interested, and she is particularly good about using social networks to her full advantage.

Recently, he shared some new photos of his daughter with Stevie J, some of which Stevie J himself also shared, adding how beautiful he found the girl and how proud he was of her for looking so impressive at such a young age. .

And, of course, many Hernández followers rushed to express their praise for the appearance of their daughter, Bonnie Bella, and many noticed that she seems to have taken one or two things from her mother.

Hernandez also posted a video where she, Stevie J and her fiance, DJ Ballistic, are cheering on Bonnie Bella in a school play.

A fan said: “Yes, family! Love it! Bonnie won't do it! ❤️🙌🏽Very happy that you and Stevie have come to a good place with parenting! ❤️ "

Another commenter said: "Yassss, I love the last video … I love you, Joseline. I'm here for this healthy shared upbringing. 🥰"

A sponsor said: "Awesome family! I know Bonnie B was very happy! It seems she had a wonderful and beautiful performance! @Joseline,quot;

This follower wrote: "I love you @joseline moved on and is not bitter, raising that girl so she knows she has the best support from mom's side and dad's side that God bless her."

The whole family has been fine.

Stevie J has been doing everything possible to maintain his relationship with his daughter, despite being separated from Hernandez and moving on with his current wife, Faith Evans.

The two have maintained a good relationship with the young woman and have done everything possible to give her the life she deserves, and have received much praise from her fans on social networks as a result.

There was even little hope among some of his followers recently that things could be moving towards a possible television meeting, as indicated by their interactions on social networks. But that does not seem to be the case.


On the contrary, it seems that both stars are adamant about moving on with their lives and leaving the past behind.

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