Snooki: Are you worried about your future after leaving Jersey Shore?


Jersey Shore observers know that one of the show's best-known personalities, Snooki, is no longer part of the cast after she decided to resign. That said, while Snooki revealed that he was happy with his decision to leave, people still wonder what their plans for the future are and whether they are stressed or not.

And it makes sense! Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, left the show that made her famous and scary, since that means her career is currently on the air. Or is that it?

Now, a source tells HollywoodLife that "Snooki will be very busy being a mother and will also see what comes after her now that she's finished with Jersey Shore."

But that doesn't mean I'm scared in any way!

The source explained that ‘She earned a lot of money for being in the program and is not financially stressed. It has a store that works well, has its podcast that is successful and will focus on growing all its brands and businesses. "

At the same time, fans wonder if he will miss his co-stars of a lifetime or not and whether he feels sentimental or not when leaving them and the program itself.

The source states that while he still feels a lot of love for all of them, Snooki does not regret it.

In fact, he is waiting for a new year, a new beginning away from Jersey Shore and a new chapter in his life!

Apparently, Snooki wants to be taken seriously as a business woman, so people should forget about her reality show character since that side of her is gone forever.


Apart from that, she also plans to focus on her children more than ever from now.

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