RHOBH – Erika Jayne teases fans with Roxie Hart Parody's video before her Broadway debut in Chicago


Royal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is preparing for her Broadway debut next month, playing the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago. And, to make fun of her three-month career, the 48-year-old woman posted a parody music video to show what fans can expect.

In the clip, Jayne parodies the musical number. Roxie since Chicago. But, in its version, "the name on everyone's lips will be Erika,quot;. The video begins with Jayne sitting in her makeup mirror in her dressing room with a black robe with "Erika,quot; dazzled on her back. As the song progresses, Jayne moves to the stage to sing and dance.

"I'm already a celebrity that means someone everyone knows," Jayne sings. "They will recognize my eyes, my hair, my teeth, my breasts, my nose."

Singers and backup dancers tell the camera that Jayne is changing her life in Los Angeles so she can sing Roxie. Then, Jayne sings "it's expensive to be me,quot; before reaching the climax of the song.

“Broadway girls have chills. Because a dog from Beverly Hills will be Roxie Hart, "are the lyrics Jayne sings to finish the musical number.

Comments are already coming to Jayne's Instagram page, including one of her. RHOBH Co-star Lisa Rinna, who played the role on Broadway in 2007. She wrote: "My God! This is it!"

Jayne said recently Page six who is delighted to be part of the legendary Broadway musical. He added that having the opportunity to play Roxie Hart is a "decadent dream come true." However, he admits that he will be extremely nervous on opening night.

Jayne said things are going very well now in rehearsals, but on opening night "he will probably throw up in a bucket out of the stage." He also explained the difference between performing in a Broadway show and being a full-time cast member in RHOBH.

Jayne said you can't rehearse Housewives because it's natural and at the moment But, when it comes to Broadway, all the hard work comes during rehearsal.

Bravo cameras have been following Jayne in recent weeks while temporarily moving to New York City for his Broadway debut. And, fans will be able to see all the action behind the scenes when the new season of RHOBH It opens in 2020.


Erika Jayne will star in Roxie Hart in Chicago January 6 to March 29 at the Ambassador Theater on West 49th street between Broadway and 8th Avenue in New York City.

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