Rasheeda Frost's last photo with Kirk Frost in which he touches his chest makes fans sprout on them


Rasheeda Frost posted a photo on his social media account where he is next to Kirk Frost, and the funny thing is that he is touching his chest, and it seems he "just wanted to see something," as fans said in the comments. Check out the photo of finny below.

Fans are excited about the couple in the comments, and people tell Kirk to treat Rasheeda correctly because he is definitely unique.

Someone exclaimed: "Yes, yes, try to see something!", And another follower said: Although he did not even try to play it! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ ’

An Instagram installer praised the couple and said, "I love you all together," while someone else wants to meet the Frosts in person: "I love them so much that I can't wait to meet them in person."

A fan told Kirk: "It's better that Kirk treats you well … because you're unique."

Someone else had a message for Rasheeda and said: ras @rasheeda I am literally a big fan of you and I will spend my birthday weekend in January in Atlanta. I look forward to meeting you in person to make my year! "

People who want to meet these two can do so at the Frost Bistro, the place that the couple recently opened.

This was their dream come true, and they couldn't be more proud of this enormous achievement.


Fans who have visited the place and praise it and say the food and drinks are great, and so is the general atmosphere.

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