Protests against Johnson begin in London and Glasgow | UK news


Hundreds of protesters marched through central London to protest against the outcome of the early elections in the United Kingdom that saw the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson rampage into a crushing victory.

Singing slogans such as "Boris Johnson, not my prime minister,quot; and brandishing signs that said "Defy the Tory Rule,quot; and "Welcome to the refugees," protesters walked quickly from Johnson's Downing Street residence to Trafalgar Square and at theater district. blocking traffic and attracting a strong police presence.

In a speech delivered on Friday, Johnson had called for the "closure,quot; of the divisions that have divided the United Kingdom over the past three and a half years since the British voted 52 percent, 48 percent to leave the European Union in 2016 referendum .

"I urge everyone to find the closure and let the healing begin," Johnson said hours after visiting Queen Elizabeth II to be re-elected prime minister.

But later on Friday, police were called to separate anti-Johnson and pro-Brexit protesters, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper. Meanwhile, Whitehall, a road in central London on which several government ministries are based, closed briefly when clashes broke out outside the Treasury building.

Protesters also met in Glasgow, the second city of Scotland.

Al Jazeera and news agencies