NFL Week 15 weather updates: wind, cold and snow could affect the fantasy to start, sit down to choose for Broncos-Chiefs, more


After all, the NFL Week 15 weather forecast is as good as fantasy football owners might ask. There is a bit of wind, maybe a game with snow and, of course, some cold, but ultimately, it does not seem that the weather is an important factor in the fantasy to start making decisions.

Before breaking down the Week 15 forecast, here is a reminder that if you have any questions about the sports climate or how the weather could affect the game (and, potentially, your fantasy, DFS and game decisions), feel free to communicate with Twitter @KevinRothWx or check our hourly NFL weather forecasts at RotoGrinders. To take your game to the next level, subscribe to the exclusive RotoGrinders WeatherEdge tool and see how different weather conditions have impacted the historical score.

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NFL Week 15 weather updates

Broncos @ Bosses. Snow game? Maybe, but as I warn with rain (and even more with snow), the precipitation is difficult to nail until the day of, so I will watch this. Meanwhile, he wouldn't try to fade the game or build an alignment around him with snow. The best guess so far is snow, but not enough to significantly impact the game.

Dolphins @ Giants. This will probably be the windiest game of the week and, honestly, that doesn't say much. We are observing sustained winds of around 15 mph, which could be enough to impact a deep shot or an attempt at a long field goal, but not enough to make a significant difference.

Bears @ Packers. There is cold, then there is, well, "cold frozen tundra of Lambeau Field,quot;. Temperatures will be below 20 degrees in this game, and WeatherEdge shows a negative impact when you look at the statistics of all games played in the NFL in similar weather (sign up for details). That said, the cold is the best of bad weather scenarios (less shocking than wind, rain or snow), so I don't expect big impacts.

Bills @ Steelers. It will be around freezing, but it won't be so cold that I worry about the impacts of the game.

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As always, all forecasts are subject to change before the start. Can you follow me on twitter (@KevinRothWx), check the NFL automated hourly weather forecasts in RotoGrinders, or check WeatherEdge for updates. We've also added the automated college football climate for those NCAA football fans looking for a small view of the weather.