Liam Hemsworth gives Fan the surprise of his life on his wedding day


Kirk Willcox / Photograph by Kirk Willcox

Liam Hemsworth He gave a fan the surprise of his life when he ran into her on her wedding day!

the The Hunger Games The actor was enjoying a day with a friend in the Gold Coast of Australia on Wednesday when he found himself in the middle of a wedding celebration. Couple Katie and Shane I had just said "Yes, I want,quot; when they stopped at Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club for a drink. It was then that they saw Hemsworth sitting at a table with a friend.

"My boyfriend Katie and Shane came from the UK to get married in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Little did they know they would meet one of Katie's idols, Liam Hemsworth," the couple's wedding photographer, Kirk Willcox, he tells E! News. "The bride and groom were entering the Life Saving Club of the Vikings of Currumbin Beach to have a drink and celebrate with their friends and family when they noticed Liam. Once they entered the room, everyone began to applaud. and encourage the couple. "

"Katie's sister told the girlfriend that Liam Hemsworth was in the room at a nearby table," Willcox continues. "Liam was near the window in a good mood talking to a friend. Liam smiled and was happy to take pictures with the couple and congratulated the happy couple."

Kirk Willcox / Photograph by Kirk Willcox

Willcox also tells E! The news that the bride was "in shock and on the moon,quot; about seeing Hemsworth, who comes from Australia.

"It definitely made the whole wedding day of the couple," he shares. "Liam wished them all the best and continued having a relaxing evening on the beach."

Talk about a memorable moment! Congratulations to Katie and Shane on their special day!

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