Kehlani and YG have officially overcome claims as a source


Singer and songwriter Kehlani and rapper, YG, are officially over. Last month, social media fans suspected that the relationship between the two artists ended when the latter was seen kissing another girl near a Los Angeles nightclub.

In the first weeks after the reports, fans slowly began to stop talking about the alleged infidelity, in addition, Kehlani also helped curb the rumors when he released a song in which he said he felt "embarrassed,quot; by all this.

Yesterday, Kehlani published and deleted a tweet in which he allegedly hinted that his relationship with YG was over. The screenshots captured by various media seemed to suggest that he had already moved to the singer and rapper, Tory Lanez.

In his account, Kehlani succinctly declared: "I am single and focused." As previously reported, when media headlines began to shore up on the Internet, Kehlani assured his fans that he would be fine.

On his Twitter account, the star said he saw many people online expressing concern for their mental health, and many even suggested that he needed a therapist, however, Kehlani told them he was an artist and "plunged (s) in "Instead.

Although no one really knows when they separated, YG and the singer supposedly were together for about six months. They first made their romance public at New York Fashion Week in September of this year. They also made public appearances in other places.

After the alleged separation, the singer has been busy with her career, including her music, in which she works in Miami, while raising her baby she had with her ex boyfriend, Javaughn. She had the child in March.

Passing past relationship disputes, it seems that Kehlani has a solid 2020 to come. As most know, questions about the star's mental health struggles began to arise in 2016 when he allegedly attempted suicide.


In her IG account, she wrote, "I never thought it would reach such a low point,quot; in the legend of the photograph in which she had an IV connected to her arm. In addition, the star said he wanted to "leave this Earth."

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