Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are "in bad condition,quot; after their separation, plaintiff


Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum finalized their divorce last month after eight years of marriage. But, once a friendly relationship has become unpleasant since the couple has reportedly been fighting for the joint upbringing of their six-year-old daughter Everly, and neither is a big fan of how the other has decided to move on with his life. .

Dewan wrote about his divorce from Tatum in his new book. Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday. She admitted that the process was not easy, and also confessed that it took "a lot of wine,quot; to overcome it, as well as "big and painful screams."

"The process was not pretty, light or fluffy," Dewan wrote. "It was a dark and difficult moment, sure."

the Flirty dance The host, who now expects a son with his new boyfriend Steve Kazee, also talked about how he learned about Tatum's new relationship with singer Jessie J., writing that he was on a plane and found out along with everyone else. Dewan admitted that the news "surprised,quot; her.

According to Online radar, things have gotten even worse among the former, and they no longer respect each other. At this point, they lead very different lives and it is increasingly difficult to "stay on the same page,quot;.

"They are in bad terms today with very little love or common respect for the way in which each one decided to live their respective lives," says a source. "Jenna sees Channing as a heartless cheese ball that rushed too fast in the affair with Jessie J."

On the other hand, Tatum sees his ex-wife as "a hypocrite,quot; who is "supercontroller and mean."

Dewan and Tatum share custody of Everly, and she alternates between her parents' homes for vacations and holidays. But, Tatum recently annoyed Dewan when he requested the judge's help to determine the schedule, and also made it clear that he did not want his ex-wife to post everly open photos on social media.

Another source said Lifestyle that Dewan thinks Tatum is changing things just to bother her. She didn't appreciate that he Mike Magic Star went through the courts to take care of her custody schedule and "created an unnecessary drama,quot; instead of calling her.


The source says that the deterioration of Dewan and Tatum's relationship is "a shame for the good of the child," but they continue to be "more hostile to each other as time goes by."

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