Chris Brown's baby's mother, Ammika Harris, receives a kiss from him in the image that has confused fans


It seems that Chris Brown, 31, and his girlfriend and baby mom, Ammika Harris, 26, are now back together. On Thursday, the R,amp;B singer went to social networks and shared some photos where he hugs and kisses the model.

While the sweet photos are setbacks, many wonder if Chris is telling the world after welcoming a baby named Aeko Catori Brown, they are now together again.

Fans are perplexed by the photos, but they are somewhat happy for the singer and father of two.

One person said this: "I am so confused if he is with her or not, because he is acting as if he were single here. This look fits him well. Happiness and love win. It seems that Chris is in love."

Another social network wrote the following message: "I am confused, but hey, they are happy." They are so cute "that they seem happy." We want to see the baby, hahaha.

This woman said: “Chris broke my heart; I will not overcome this. He doesn't know who he wants to be with 😂😩 ".

A source spoke previously Hollywood life and explained why it took Chris so long to confirm the birth of his second son: “(Chris is) very proud and can't wait to share more with the world, but he has to hold back because Ammika doesn't want everything to come out. there. She is not used to being famous, and she is also compassionate, so until she is ready for all the details to come to light, Chris will hold back, out of respect for her wishes. "

The source added: “Chris is happy to be a father again. (Chris) hopes she is the most amazing older sister in history. He loves the fact that he has a daughter and a son, and now he feels complete. "

The family friend declared: “He is really anxious to see what his two children will be like. He is already dreaming of his future. Being a father has changed Chris for the better, and now having a child is making the important things in life come to the fore. It has made Chris mature, and he is looking to provide both of them with the best possible life. ”


Chris is a new man and the boy could take him to the next level.

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