Chris Brown and Ammika Harris finally post pictures of their belly after welcoming their son Aeko!


Ammika Harris managed to hide her baby throughout her pregnancy, but now that her baby with Chris Brown is here, the happy parents finally shared a couple of beautiful photos from when she was waiting, much to her fans' enthusiasm. As you may have heard, Chris and Ammika welcomed a son they called Aeko, not even a month ago!

Pregnancy snapshots actually occur after Chris has already given the world a glimpse of his bundle of joy since he posted a photo of him holding a small foot in the palm of his hand.

Although he had definitely obtained his permission, one of the pretty beautiful pregnancy photos was shared by Ammika's baby.

Also, to avoid petty comments since he doesn't like being in the spotlight, Chris disabled the comments below the post.

You can see the model posing masterfully, her protrusion protruding and not much clothing covering her body.

To show the belly, a photo was captured sideways, with a transparent blue skirt, a pair of black gloves, matching high-waisted underwear and not much else!

While that leaves very little to the imagination, Ammika shared another on her own platform that was even more revealing.

In this second image, you can see her posing with a shiny open jacket with nothing underneath.

In the caption, the model wrote: ‘Aeko, did you know you lived in my belly? (heart emoji) ".

Since her comments section was still enabled, many of her followers were excited about the brightness of her pregnancy and congratulated Ammika for welcoming her first child.

The happy parents managed to keep the pregnancy a secret for the full nine months and even after little Aeko was born, for a while, there were only unconfirmed signs and rumors!


Previous sources told HollywoodLife that the reason Chris kept everything secret was out of respect for his baby, who wanted to stay out of focus, even though he was full of pride and couldn't wait to show his son. .

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