Wendy Williams thinks that Common and Tiffany Haddish would be a great couple. He urges him to go out with her since Tiffany said he is "Delicious!"


Now that Common no longer has a relationship with Angela Rye, Wendy Williams already has another person in mind for him: Tiffany Haddish! It's okay! It seems that the talk show host is playing a matchmaker for the two stars!

During his last show, Wendy told his audience that, not long ago, he talked about the separation of Common with Tiffany!

Apparently, the actress described the rapper as "delicious,quot; and Wendy couldn't wait to deliver the message to the camera.

In addition, she also sprouted on her friend & # 39; single and rich & # 39 ;, trying to promote Tiffany with him!

Iff Tiffany, you and I have talked about this (the breakup of Common). I will not say too much. All I say is that everyone knows that I am close to Tiffany Haddish … We talk about men. The conversation about men is disgusting and dirty, but not about the men we know. We talk about people we have been with or things we see that we don't like, "Wendy said during his Current Issues segment.

Then, Wendy admitted that while he didn't want to say anything about their common conversation, he simply "had to say something,quot; since that was his job!

Then, she revealed what Tiffany thinks of Common, which is that he is really "smart,quot; and "delicious to look at."

The host said he also agreed with his friend's opinion about the man.


Wendy then sent a message to Common, saying "Tiffany is so smart and in my opinion that,quot; = they would make a great couple and I told him that. So common, I don't know what you're going to do, I don't want to get involved. – I'm just having it. There is a woman very, single, accomplished, rich, without children, without a relationship that you like very much. "

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