Toya Wright's videos with Baby Reign running running trying bathtubs make fans laugh


Toya Wright shared some clips on her social media account with her baby, Reign Rushing. The ladies are obviously shopping, but Reigny thought it would be a great idea to take off her little shows and get into a bathtub in the store. Watch the videos below.

"Who told you to take off your shoes and get into these people's tubs @reign_beaux?" Toya subtitled his videos.

People were laughing out loud in the comments, and they got excited about the beautiful girl.

Someone said: ‘Astonishment. She is the cutest little thing in the world, "and another follower posted this:" The way she said, please, how cute and respectful ❤️🥰 "

One commenter wrote: "She walks as if she were shopping," and someone else said: "Walking as if she were the owner of the place."

A fan commented: ‘She is a pretty old woman in a child's body! Soooo Cute😍 ’and another Instagram installer got excited about the girl and said:‘ Hey, she was respectful when she took off her shoes. 😂 ’

Apart from this, Toya only took a one-on-one makeup class, and made sure to keep her fans updated as well.

‘Today I did a 1 to 1 makeup class with my boyfriend @lahluvie using @juviasplace products. I fell in love with eye shadows and lip gloss, this matte bare lip is everything! It's called "Candace,quot; and I love it so much that I had to share it. They gave me my own code to share with you. My code is "TOYA,quot;, download them and save 10% on your purchase. Thanks later. "#Ilovesharinggoodproducts #juviasplace," Toya captioned his post.

In the comments, people do not seem to be interested in the makeup that Toya is flaunting but is more fascinated by the engagement ring she is wearing.

He finally agreed to marry Robert Rushing not long ago.


People who want to meet Toya will have the opportunity next weekend.

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