Olivia Newton's iconic John John de Grease leather jacket sold for $ 234K at auction, you won't believe what happened next


A superfan of the 1978 musical classic Grease Starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, she recently bought the iconic leather jacket that Newton-John wore at the end of the movie for $ 234,200 at auction. But, instead of keeping it in his collection of memories, the anonymous billionaire surprised Newton-John by giving it to him.

According to TooFab, the fan bought the jacket at a charity event last month that benefited the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research and Welfare Center. And, last weekend, he surprised the Grammy winner by returning him "to his rightful owner."

In a video posted by Julien’s Auctions, the man surprised Newton-John with the leather jacket, but his face is blurred so he can remain anonymous.

"The chances of beating a recurring cancer using the newer emerging therapies are 1,000 times higher than those of someone who appears out of nowhere, buying their most famous and appreciated icon and returning it, which is what I'm going to do right now," he said. The anonymous buyer.

She went on to say that the jacket belongs to Newton-John and the "collective soul,quot; of those who love her. He said he should not sit in a billionaire's closet just so that it can be used for bragging rights of country clubs. And that is why he humbly and respectfully returned it to the singer.

Getting excited, Newton-John asked "are you serious?" The 71-year-old man then hugged the man, thanked her and said that the gesture was the sweetest thing anyone had done for her.

The man gave Newton-John a large, pink package for her to open. And, while tearing the pink and white tissue paper, he said: "Where are you, friend?"

the Completely in love with you The singer finally unwrapped the jacket and said she was very grateful, while telling the fan that he had given her the most beautiful gift. Newton-John added that he wanted to exhibit the leather cat at his Cancer Research and Welfare Center in Australia.


According to reports, at the profit auction, Spanx founder Sara Blakely bought the tight satin pants that Newton-John wore with the leather jacket for $ 162,500. All the famous pieces. You are the only one that I want The team brought $ 405,000 when everything was said and done. The entire auction raised $ 2.4 million for the Olivia Newton John cancer center.

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