NeNe Leakes throws a bomb on his future in "The Real Housewives of Atlanta,quot;


There is a great chance that NeNe Leakes is leaving the Real Atlanta Housewives after being part of the series since it was launched in Bravo.

Every season there are heated exchanges between the ladies, and sometimes wigs come off, and even a glass of wine is spilled.

However, it seems that Leakes, who has had a bitter dispute with Kenya Moore, is thinking about his future and no longer sees the constant disputes with his co-stars.

The veteran of the Real Atlanta Housewives did a recent interview with Hollywood life, where he was asked if he plans to return for season 13 of the successful show and said the following: "I don't know … I really don't know that." I never really know what I'm doing until the end of the season, and we talk about it. "

The reality television star confessed that the things that happen behind the scenes are not "fair,quot; and added: "I think there are many things that are not fair." Only things that: behind the scenes, things that you can't see. So I just have to talk to my team and decide what is best for me. "

He also talked about his relationship with Moore: "No, (the return of Kenya) didn't frustrate me. I don't mind thinking of Kenya. I'm a pretty strong girl and, honestly, Kenya can't handle me."

She went on to say: "I see you are starting to show a little of the personality of these other girls." Because I have felt over the years, many girls have obtained passes for any reason. Maybe there just wasn't a character they didn't want viewers to see. But this year, I feel they are showing these girls a little more faithful to what they are on the show. "

A fan told the businesswoman: "I saw it live last night, and when it happened, I said,quot; brave to NeNe for keeping it real and putting something back in his closet. And then I thought: damn, Andy is coming out of his favorite? (or so I thought) "


Would you miss Leakes if she leaves the show? Can Moore handle the fire and Leakes attitude?

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