Moniece Slaughter discredits Lil Fizz's claim that he was never friends with Omarion


People on social networks have criticized Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz for their relationship due to the fact that the singer is dating the mother of his bandmate's baby. Fizz has tried to deny that he and Omarion have been friends by claiming that they were simply co-workers, but not many consider him credible.

Moniece Slaughter is the one who originally exposed the two to turn their "friendship,quot; into a complete relationship. Recently he turned to social networks to discredit Fizz's claims that he was not friends with Omarion.

In an Instagram story that has already expired, Slaughter said: ‘My BD is only told lie after lie after lie. Omarion was at my son's fourth or fifth birthday party in the bright area. During his FRIENDSHIP with Omarion, he put Boog completely in the background. I never saw that man who had heard mention his name smh. Both Dreux and I attended her second baby shower (we came separately, of course. I attended a birthday party at her home after the first season with Morgan Hardman (my boyfriend was there). Omari invited Dreux & Kam to Disneyland after the release of his single with Chris brown and jhene, along with Chris and other parents and their children! They were friends. My son referred to Omarion then and now as Uncle O. He even told me in a text message: & # 39; kam is such a good boy. He already had been. Even when Dreux used to bring him when I and O were together.

Even without Moniece's detailed account of the story of Fizz and Omarion, the general public still feels as if Fizz had cracked a code among men.

However, of all the parties involved, Omarion is absolutely the least annoying.


He has handled the whole scandal with dignity and grace. He hasn't said (publicly) a bad word about his band mate or his baby's mother and is focused on another Millennium tour, without Fizz.

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