Monica joins this legendary singer to share her truth about her divorce from Shannon Brown on her long-awaited new album


Apparently, Monica is about to release some sweet music where she will be personal and share some details about her shocking divorce from former NBA star Shannon Brown.

At the end of 2019, fans were baffled after Monica announced that after being married to Shannon for eight years and having a daughter together, they were going their separate ways.

Despite being in the reality series, YOU. & Tiny: Friends and family hustle and bustle, the diva kept her life private.

She said this about the separation: "Although I am on reality television, there are certain parts and elements of that that I have never discussed because when you marry, and it is between you two and whatever happens within it, we are God and U.S ".

Monica continued: "Whatever happens, he will always receive my absolute respect, my gratitude and also my help to be part of whatever his life becomes … I will be there to support because that is what I promised to do, even when the other side doesn't work. "

The mother of three children added: "Fortunately, for us, the problem was not someone else, but in the moments when I experienced it, I definitely acted harshly. So that part of the growth has been good. The fact that they hurt me He repeatedly allowed me to say, "Well, how do you deal with pain?"

In Insta's stories, Monica wrote a clear message that she would be telling her truth in her new album, Chapter 38. She also shared some photos insinuating that Mary J. Blige will help her do it.

The R,amp;B singer wrote: “This is where I am every night, @target pajamas, neck tea, microphone and many deep stories! # Chapter38ComingSoon. study sh * t goes deep. "

He also added: "I don't want anything! It's not a piece of cake. It's not a piece of peace. It's not a piece of chicken. If it's not the whole thing of Monica Denise, I don't want it! I'm too woman to a partial shit! I'm not perfect, but I'm solid! So yes, all or nothing. "

A fan had this reaction: "I can't wait to listen to your new album. I love your music, and it has helped me overcome some difficult moments in my life .❤️🙌"

Another commenter said: "Everyone sounds good together … always excited to hear your new project and feat with the 👸🏾".

This sponsor revealed: “Ok, MONICA! You are not playing with us, sister! Singing favorite !!!!!!! I can't wait for this album! 🙌🏾😩🙌🏾 "


Chapter 38 it's going to be a classic

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