KUWK: Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi, puts lip gloss on a cute video and says she is "happy,quot;


Kylie Jenner turned to social media to share an adorable clip of her 22-month-old girl laughing while playing with one of her mother's lip gloss. Not only that, but Stormi even shared that he was really "happy,quot; to use the makeup product.

From such a mother such a daughter! It seems that the makeup mogul's daughter is already interested in beauty products and is not yet two years old!

Earlier today, the little girl was obviously having fun playing with her young mother's collection and seemed proud of her application skills.

Still, the result was quite messy, as expected, but still super adorable.

The clip shows Stormi sitting at the makeup counter while wearing a navy suit.

Her curly hair was released as she looked in the mirror with lip gloss stained all over her little face.

Even so, the girl was very confident about her appearance, stating that she was "happy,quot; while laughing.

He continued repeating the word with a singing song all the time showing all his teeth as he was smiling brightly while still holding the applicator.

It seems that little Stormi has been living her best life!

& # 39; Are you happy? You have it in your teeth, baby! "Kylie tells him, laughing too.

This makes Stormi look in the mirror once more, opening his mouth to check his teenager, like a professional MUA!

Regardless of his mother's constructive criticism, Stormi still seemed pleased when she turned to the camera, showing a big smile.

Then he looks in the mirror once more and turns his lips inward to see if he has made a mistake.


It definitely seems that he has seen his mother put on makeup many times since Stormi already has low technique, he just needs a little more practice.

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