KUWK: Kendall Jenner says that Kourtney Kardashian is the worst father of all his brothers!


While on The Late Late Show, playing a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with his ex, Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner was asked to classify his sisters in regards to their upbringing! Surprisingly, the only KarJenner who still doesn't have any children of his own, put Kourtney Kardashian at the bottom of the list!

At first he hesitated a little, but the idea of ​​drinking an old and nasty eggnog was too much for the supermodel, so he decided to spill his guts instead of filling them.

Still, she preceded her classification by saying that they are all amazing parents before continuing.

‘I would say Rob is number 1. He is so good with his daughter, (Dream). That is very difficult, everyone is amazing. Then it would be, like, Khloé, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney. They are all amazing! "He told Harry.

His response made the audience gasp and laugh, but at the end of the day, it does not seem that his intention was to reject the mother of three.

He also insisted that his brothers are all amazing parents, but a classification means that, unfortunately, someone has to go to the end!

While it seems a controversial issue, it was still the only question that really answered the whole game!

Other questions that he preferred to consume anything disgusting that was on the table to answer were related to both her and her career.


For example, he refused to say who was the most famous celebrity to get into his DM or what supermodel he disliked most.

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