Justin Timberlake: This is what you think of Bette Midler mocking his public apologies with his wife Jessica Biel!


After apologizing to his wife, Jessica Biel, for holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright, Bette Middler shaded his heartfelt public letter on the whole thing! In fact, he wondered "When are you going to apologize for Janet Jackson's tit?" And now, an internal report says he knows how Justin reacted to that comment and whether or not he plans to respond.

It turns out that while Timberlake admitted that he made a "strong trial period,quot; by getting the PDA drunk with another woman, fans should not hold their breath for a second "sorry,quot; from him.

Justin rarely talks about gossip or rumors about him on social media, but he felt that this was especially bad and he just had to apologize to his wife and family members.

But that seems to be all he is willing to say, especially because the Hocus Pocus star wants him to apologize not with Biel once again, but with someone else!

The actress turned to Twitter to ask herself: ‘So when will Janet Jackson's tit apologize? #JusticeForJanet. "

Of course, it seems that he was joking about all the controversy that happened in the Super Bowl over 15 years ago, known as "Nipplegate."

As for his reaction to Bette's tweet, a source tells HollywoodLife that "Justin isn't even thinking about Bette Midler's tweet." (He feels it is) much more important for him to concentrate on his marriage and make sure Jessica is well. "


In other words, he has no plan to respond to that tweet, so if he expected a fun online exchange between Bette and Justin, he doesn't seem to get it.

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