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Justin Bieber's new album addresses the struggles and marriage of Hailey Bieber


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Justin Bieber He is making his return to music in 2020.

The superstar singer, who has taken time out of the spotlight in recent years, has fans in a frenzy after publishing what appears to be a preview of the album on social media. On Wednesday, Justin turned to his Instagram story to publish the year "2020,quot;, which many fans believe is when he will release new music. It's been four years since Justin released his last album, Purpose, and it seems that now he is ready to make his musical return.

In the midst of speculation, a source tells E! The news that Justin's new album is "practically finished and will be out soon."

"They are putting the last touches and pointing at the beginning of 2020," says the source. "Justin is very excited to share new music and get back on the road. It's been a long time and he feels very smart."

According to insider trading, some of Justin's new songs "are about his ups and downs,quot; and "recent struggles with depression."

Earlier this year, the "Boyfriend,quot; singer went to social networks to talk to his fans about the "deep-rooted problems,quot; he is working on.

"I have been searching, searching, trial and error like most of us, now I am very focused on repairing some of the deeply rooted problems that I have like most of us, so that it does not fall apart, so that I can keep my marriage and being the father I want to be, "Justin wrote, adding that although music is very important to him," nothing "comes before family and health.

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"There were many dark times and the collapse he suffered," shares our source. "He touches his mental health problems and how he got over it."

The source tells E! The news that Justin's songs will also address how the wife Hailey Bieber "It helped him during that time."

"He also writes a lot about his love and the power of his love of being unlike anything else he has experienced," the source explains. "It's a familiar sound that fans will love. He is doing what he does best and everyone is eager to get it out for the world to enjoy."

We are eager to see what 2020 brings for Justin and his fans!

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