Christmas movie tournament: What is the best romantic holiday movie?


Somebody grab the mistletoe!

It's time for the next round of our Christmas Movie Tournament, where we want you to decide which is the best romantic holiday movie!

You have already weighed in three categories, with Tk winner of the best family vacation movie, Tk be crowned Best classic holiday movie and Tk making you laugh more with Best Funny Holiday Movie.

The winner of this category will join those three to compete for the ultimate title of best Christmas movie of all time! So what romantic movies are for honor?

First are some of the classic ensemble movies, such as Love really, which party enthusiasts defend or criticize vehemently. There's also Best Man Holiday, the moving sequel to The best man That brings a group of A-listers back together.

Some of these romantic movies also remind us that love often finds you when you're not watching, as in The vacations or Family stone.

There are also romantic comedies that take us to the Christmas spirit, like the fuss Just friends and crazy Four christmas They make fun of having to spend time in their hometown or with the family.

Finally, some of us want a story of romance bigger than life, like imagining that we could also be dragged into royalty as in A christmas prince or have a chance to meet a man apparently too good to be true, as in Last Christmas.

Whatever your favorite movie, you have to vote!

Be sure to cast your vote and then come back Thursday to see the winners of the four categories fight to officially become the best Christmas movie ever!

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