Chrissy Teigen talks about the advantages of a celebrity life on a list of Twitter questions and answers with fans


Not every day a celebrity from list A takes the time to give honest answers about what everyday life is like when you have famous friends, a team of people who get paid to do everything for you and the money to buy almost all want. But, Chrissy Teigen is not afraid to be real with his fans, and went to Twitter earlier this week to "ask questions about celebrities," so that his 12.1 million followers could ask anything they wanted to know.

Teigen started with a photo of his "garbage bin,quot; organized after a fan asked if celebrities had one, and he assumed Tiegen would do it, but Kim Kardashian wouldn't. the Lip sync battle The co-host also said that it is good to be a celebrity because he feels comfortable and has an incredible life and zero life at the same time.

The mother of two also gave an idea of ​​what it is like to wear expensive dresses, and said that she has worn them a lot in her life, but that she always had to return them. He also revealed that, since he has his children Luna, 3, and Max, 1, he no longer has a sample size, so Teigen has to buy almost everything he uses, and then sells the items at TheRealReal and donate the money to charity.

The only "normal,quot; thing that Teigen misses is going to the grocery store, but he still tries sometimes. He also gave an idea of ​​how to get a restaurant reservation.

"I make reservations and I don't give them the option of saying no," Teigen explained. "‘ Hi, I'm Chrissy Teigen and I'd like to make a reservation for 2 for the legend of John, do you have any availability? ", If you just say,quot; hello, can I make a reservation for 2? ", They say no. I have to say it all at once.

Then, Teigen talked about what it is to travel when you are a celebrity, and revealed that there is a secret terminal at the airport for which they pay membership. He added that they have private security that takes him to the plane in a car.

Another fan asked if celebrities really talk to each other or if they turn to their assistants. Teigen said he will sometimes ask a publicist for someone's information to send a text message. But usually he doesn't talk to many people because he doesn't want them to think he is "a thirsty weirdo."

Teigen also revealed that he has a house manager who works at home every day to run his business, packages and daily schedules for the house staff. And, she and her husband, John Legend, also have a personal accountant to manage their bills and control their expenses.

“I have a commercial accountant who takes care of everything and sends me summaries of my expenses / income. I don't receive mail, "Teigen explained.


The 34-year-old woman is also worried about security and says that "her house is a fortress." And he admitted that, although he always has personnel around him, he doesn't hide anything. Chrissy Teigen says he will fight in cars, at home and at the airport because he doesn't care and John Legend doesn't defend himself.

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