Blac Chyna reveals to fans how he's kicking his Christmas cravings: watch the video


Blac Chyna wants to help his fans and followers overcome Christmas cravings. He is showing them the products he has been using, and his fans are curious to know if he really used them or if he is only announcing them for money.

Check out Chyna's clip below to see what she is praising for a controlled appetite.

& # 39; Kick my cravings for vacation with the @boombod 7 Day Achiever program 💪🏽 With NYE just around the corner, I will look fabulous with my little black dress thanks to these delicious pink photos 🔥 Check it out while they have BOGO Free in Boombod .com, & # 39; Chyna subtitled her video.

Someone sprang up on her and said, "Chyna, you look good, I'm going to try this," while another follower also praised Chyna: "You're sooo cute!" I can't take it "I love you girl,quot;

One commenter said: "All I want for Christmas is to pay for our products @blacchyna @lashedcosmetics."

In other news, Chyna's skin has also been praised by her fans for a long time, and people wanted to know what products she had been using.

On several occasions she was accused of using skin whitening products, but she always denied it and made sure to tell her fans exactly what she was using.


Recently, he revealed once again for his fans and followers of IG the secret to having the ideal skin.

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