Why Rachel Lindsay is "bold,quot; with her opinions of the single nation


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Rachel Lindsay It has no filter or discomfort … as it should be!

First Bachelorette party Star, who is partnering with Ideal Image MedSpa, is known for keeping it real and telling him how it is. In any case, the reality show personality is aware that he is one of the few people in Bachelor Nation who is "brave enough,quot; to share his opinions.

Talking to E! News, the 34-year-old star talked about the recent headlines he has been making and about how he does not plan to change his views to make people happy.

"I don't like it when people try to use me to make a headline. You know, if I say what I think, I have a podcast," Lindsay explained. "That's what comes with the territory. Either you love me or you hate me. Some people can't stand what I have to say and some people think it's refreshing because nobody else in the franchise is brave enough to say it."

"I think there is an audience (there) for me and I am not for everyone," he continued. "Guess what? It's okay! I don't get nervous because I feel it's just an opinion, please don't take it personally."

When it comes to people who disagree with their opinions, the reality show personality says they prefer to have a conversation than to misinterpret it. "If I offended you, let me know so we can have a conversation and can explain to me," he said.

In fact, Rachel noted that she did exactly that with Peter Weberwho is the newest Single and was recently presented in Hannah brownthe season of High school. When he was announced as the leader, the 34-year-old Texan admitted that he was supporting Mike Johnson, which was also in Hannah's season.

However, he sat down with Peter and explained his reasoning.

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"I said you will read the headlines that say that I am supporting Mike and that I am, but that it is not personal for you, in fact I think you will be a fantastic single," he said. "I was encouraging Mike for diversity … and he got it."

He added: "I think they sometimes misunderstand me because you just read a headline and you don't read the full article, but as I say, I'm not for everyone and it's fine."

Despite his initial reaction, the reality show personality is eager to see Peter's season.

"It will be refreshing to see someone you don't have to question, & # 39; are they there for the right reasons? & # 39; Want someone with whom you can spend your life," he explained. "He has his parents, who have incredible love, and that is what he is looking for."

"He is a great lover. I feel like a protective older sister because I don't want anyone to hurt Peter," he continued. "I don't think it's dramatic. Bachelor fans urgently need a love that works."

Lindsay also mentioned her recent fall with Crow doors, whom he met when they were both in Nick Viallthe season of The Bachelor. Last month, the 34-year-old man revealed in Watch what happens live that she severed ties with the 28-year-old star, saying that it was "enough that he no longer wants to be friends with her."

But don't wait first Bachelorette party lead to share details about what happened.

"Friends fight all the time, and what I suppose I hate is that the fact that we are not friends, we have our reasons, but people don't respect that," Rachel told us. "It's as if they feel authorized to understand exactly what happened, and I understand that we were on reality television, and that there were certain aspects of our lives that were public … but that doesn't mean you know every detail." of that ".

She continued: "And I think it has been great for both parties not to talk about it. It's something that happened in private, it's something that happened between us and that's really the end. Yes, I bet people are curious about it, but I don't think that means they have the right to know all aspects of our lives. "