RHOP: Candiace Dillard is considering filing a civil lawsuit against Monique Samuels


Candiace Dillard may be taking his enmity with Monique Samuels to the next level. The Real Housewives of Potomac star is considering filing a civil lawsuit against his rival.

This stems from the consequences among former friends where Candiace allegedly threw a drink in Monique's face causing her to "drag,quot; her.

Candiace filed a complaint that summons Samuels to court this month. Monique responded by presenting an accountant.

The Bravolebrity appeared in The Morning Culture of V-103 with his lawyer where he was asked about the incident.

‘There is a lot of misinformation that people who like to act re-publish. I am doing my due diligence to wait for the footage. What I can also say is that all this will develop. You will see everything from all angles. "

While responding to speculation that Dillard has shown violent behavior in the past, he explains that viewers only see pieces edited together by the producers to make a show.

His lawyer, James Walker, reveals that the fight was recorded and that he has quoted Bravo for the recording.

‘They are making a recording. There is an exchange. The other part, Mrs. Samuels, just grabs her and pulls her. “And I have confirmed it with the network and they have it recorded. We have quoted the tape and are waiting for the tape to enter. Prosecutors are waiting for the tape. I think Mrs. Samuels has a serious problem in her hand. "

Walker then adds that they are thinking of filing a civil lawsuit.

‘We have to decide if we want to sue her civilly. There is a criminal process at this time and we have to decide as a client and lawyer whether or not to file civil charges. I'm surprised that Mrs. Samuels has not yet issued an apology. "


Do you think Candiace is taking this too far?

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