RHOC – The Three Friends had to search Google for "Ernest Hemingway,quot; and fans are losing their minds


During the most recent episode of Royal Housewives of Orange County, the ladies were in Key West, Florida, for a girls getaway. And, when the trip organizer, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, scheduled a field trip to the house of Ernest Hemingway, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, also known as "three friends,quot;, he had no idea who Hemingway was. And they went directly to Google to solve it.

Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson were excited to visit Hemingway's house, but the Three Friends immediately started complaining. The judge asked if Hemingway was going to organize a dinner for them, and Gunvalson hoped there was "good coffee,quot; ready when they arrived.

Finally, Gunvalson searched Google on Hemingway, only to discover that the For whom the Bell Tolls the author was not waiting for her with a good coffee because he had been dead since 1961. Gunvalson explained that he had no idea who Hemingway was because he died before she was born, and also wondered why he still had a house. Fans immediately lost their minds and turned to social networks to inform the Three Friends that they had no tolerance for their literary ignorance.

How can these women not know who Earnest Hemmingway is? Your ignorance is showing. Ugh #RHOC, "one disgusted fan wrote, while another added:" I can't believe that only 1 in 7 women knew who Earnest Hemmingway was? Vicky wondered why he still had a house. Dumba ** people … yes.

Another fan wrote that seeing the ladies try to find out who Ernest Hemingway was through Google was actually making her dumber, and another asked if the women went to high school.

"So you are going to tell me that these three morons never heard of Ernest Hemingway? Did you ever attend high school English class? See this show has us surrounded by three morons! Tres Dumba ** is #RHOC "wrote an angry fan.

Also in the episode, Gunvalson kicked his enmity with Kelly Dodd a little more when he delivered custom rhinestone hats for the trip. Gunvalson said "AF engaged,quot; to celebrate Steve Lodge's proposal, while the newly divorced Beador had one that said "AF divorced."

Gina Kirschenheiter's hat said "Simple AF,quot; after separating from husband Matt, the judge read "married AF,quot;, Emily Simpson was "funny AF,quot;, while Windham-Burke read "Wild AF,quot;. When Gunvalson arrived at Dodd, she gave him a saying that, "Krazy AF," but Gunvalson justified it by saying he used a K, "so it's not offensive."

In his confessional, Dodd said the Three Friends "want to hit the bear,quot; and get a reaction from her. He added that they prosper by making her angry. When they returned to the hat raffle, Dodd refused.

"By the way, I'm not wearing this hat. I'm not a group person," says Dodd. "I'm tired of it!"


New episodes of Royal Housewives of Orange County Air Tuesday night in Bravo.

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