Porsha Williams has the solution for a Christmas gift: her Merch


Porsha Williams has been listening a lot to the fact that her daughter, Pilar Jhena, looks like her father, Dennis McKinley. She still wants to prove that people are wrong, and has been sharing some photos since she was a child, just to show everyone that PJ looks like her.

Check out the latest backlinks photo that Porsha shared on his social media account.

‘All of you: Pj is Dennis's twin Me: Who said that? Ors❤️🤷🏾‍♀️ ’Porsha captioned his post.

Someone said: ‘Girl, your twin now I'm sorry, I was wrong. I also have to post my picture, "and another follower posted this:" Keeping it real, you and Dennis are a favor. You all have many of the same facial features. "

One commenter wrote: "Oh, wow, twin … it also looks like your mother,quot; ❤️ "and someone else posted:" Omg! You guys look like identical twins in this oic. Now she definitely looks like you … I'm sorry, Dennis. This one goes to Porsha. "

A follower said this about PJ: "I can't wait until she starts talking to hear what she's thinking."

Apart from this, Porsha keeps his fans excited about these great gift ideas. For example, this is what she published:

Stress Don't worry about your Christmas shopping, I have you! 💋 ❗️ Give everyone a better night's sleep with my sheets @ PamperedByPorsha❗️ They are luxurious and affordable! And we have FREE SHIPPING, now! (US only) ❤️ 🚨 Buy my line right now at www.PamperedbyPorsha.com 🚨 #PamperedbyPorsha ".


Many people said they had been buying the sheets and they were great and that they were promoting Porsha merchandising.

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