Nick Cannon rebukes Eminem again: he says he receives facelifts, supports Trump and more!


Nick Cannon and Eminem have been in each other's throats in recent days and it seems that their enmity is just beginning. The two men back and forth on social networks seem increasingly explosive!

That said, Nick repeated the older rapper once again, saying that Eminem has been receiving face lifts.

After previously releasing a song called The Invitation, in which he dragged Eminem like never before, another song was released in collaboration with Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Conceited and Prince Eazy of The Black Squad.

It is titled Pray for him and there is a verse that criticizes Eminem's age that says: ‘Look, that double meaning, a little heavy / Damn, Em / What? Do you like five minutes of 70? / Oops! I meant 47 / Send it to hell if you're bored of heaven / Strappin "Dynamite / Word to Florida Evans,quot;.

And that's not all! Another line suggests that Eminem is a stalker: & # 39; Black Squad, you will not bond with them / Look, you tried to intimidate Pink and them / Britney Spears and & # 39; N SYNC and them / Y got the beefin & # 39; with Ja Rule with the cops behind you / Y in every show since & # 39; 04, you've had the SWAT behind you & # 39 ;.

In addition, Cannon also sings about politics, urging his nemesis in another line, to admit that he voted for Trump.

Nick also points out that he used to be a role model for children, but he is no longer, since he is involved in politics and on the wrong side of the story.

Finally, he accuses the rapper of "getting facelifts like an Instagram."


At this time, Eminem has not yet responded, but there is no doubt that he will, judging how things have gone between them.

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