Margot Robbie reveals that she still sleeps with her favorite stuffed animal she has had since birth!


The actress was not ashamed to admit that, even now, she still sleeps with her childhood teddy: a bunny! Margot Robbie was in the first episode of the W Five Things magazine podcast with Lynn Hirschberg when she talked about some of her best childhood memories and more!

Of course, she also talked about working at Bombshell alongside Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron!

The new podcast has a simple premise!

During each episode, a star details a person, place, thing, a positive and a negative event that could have formed them as people.

That said, when it was time for Margot to mention an object, he talked about his stuffed animal.

According to the actress, the toy rabbit is properly named Bunny and has had it since birth!

But how does her husband Tom Ackerley feel about her still sleeping with Bunny at night?

Margot explained that he is not the biggest fan and said he always throws Bunny out of bed because he thinks it's a bit ridiculous that I still sleep with Bunny. Maybe he is a little jealous. Bunny always has a priority place in bed. He thinks I'm asleep and will throw Bunny out of bed and I will get mad at him. "

The star went on to talk about being surprised by Nicole Kidman on the set of her new movie.


Remember I remember thinking, cielo Holy heaven, that's why Nicole Kidman. In the second one they called action, she became this crazy presence. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Everything he said, even if it wasn't a terribly deep line, just felt powerful. And I was like woah. It was great to witness first hand. I remember thinking like, ‘Okay, I understand. I understand why she is who she is because that is magical. "

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